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Solar Air Conditioning Systems – Various Kinds of Solar Air Conditioning

There isn’t a large variety of solar air conditioning systems on the market today. One of the most popular designs is based on the use of absorption chillers. This technology makes use of solar thermal energy. Water, or some other fluid, that has been heated by the sun’s energy is pumped through the chillers. Glycol, which is a simple antifreeze solution, is one of the fluids that are most commonly used. The solar energy is delivered to the chiller through a carefully designed system of pipes, pumps and controllers. This type of air conditioner powered by solar energy is not only dependable and safe, but is very simple in its design.  Unlike conventional air conditioners, they use no harmful CFC (Freon, etc.). Many of these units don’t even have moving parts. That’s a huge advantage! These units have the best return on your investment. They are also very inexpensive to operate.

Hospitals, office buildings, and hotels have been cooled for decades using this technology. In fact, this technology has been used in the United States since early in the 20th century. Absorption chiller AC units are also very popular in Asian countries. In Japan, up to 40 percent of all commercial air conditioners are constructed with this type of technology.  The high price of electrical is a big reason for the popularity of this type of air conditioner. 

Another element in this solar powered air conditioning is a small cooling tower that is normally positioned on the roof of a building. It’s through this cooling tower that heat is exhausted. It acts as a heat exchanger. Another advantage to this kind of system is that it can be used to heat your home in the cooler months of the year.

There is a totally different kind of solar air conditioning system available. That is one that is operated straight off of photovoltaic solar panels. Unlike standard solar air conditioning systems that require an inverter to make the solar power usable, this air conditioner runs on straight Direct Current (DC) voltage. Securusair offers a 48 volt DC operating solar air conditioning system. The unit has four 12 volt deep cycle batteries that are charged by four photovoltaic panels mounted on the roof of the house. These are standard 200 watt panels. The fact that the unit has no power inverter makes it much more efficient.

The features on this solar air conditioning system include a brushless DC permanent magnet motor. The advantage of this is, you never have to change brushes, cutting down on the potential of maintenance. Due to this quality motor, the unit runs extremely quietly. The output in cooling power is up to 18,000 BTU. What is better yet is the purchase price is a low as $3,500. Since the unit is battery powered, it can be run at any time. You have the cooling power available even when the sun isn’t shinning, yet it is a solar air conditioner. That is one advantage this unit has over the solar absorption chiller AC unit. Check this out! The unit can also be used as a solar air heater. What a deal.