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Best Solar Window Shades And Blinds

The term “solar shades” or “solar blinds” can be confusing to those who are familiar with photovoltaic solar systems. These blinds don’t produce any electrical power as do photovoltaic solar cells. They do block out solar heat energy while allowing solar rays to light up a room. This article will bring to light what the best solar window shades and blinds are. Although solar window blinds don’t convert heat energy into electrical energy, they do save energy by keeping the heat out of the room.

What Is The Difference In A Solar Window Shade And A Solar Window Blind?

When comparing window shades and window blinds, keep in mind that a window blind normally has slats, which are also known as louvers. These slats rotate back and forth to control the light that is in the room as well as the privacy. With a blind, it can be completely lowered while still allowing some light to come through.

Shades are generally woven in one piece of material, which raises and lowers. Shades don’t have movable slats like blinds. Typically, shades offer more insulation from the outside temperature. A blind is used more often when one wants to maximize their control of light. In recent years, the top down/bottom up shade has become very popular. These shades or blinds allow more light in without giving up privacy.

Solar shades for windows are also known as solar screens. These solar screens provide three specific benefits to the homeowner. As mentioned above, they block solar heat from entering a room. They also reduce any glare from direct sunlight and block any harmful UV rays, while preserving the view. This helps your furniture, carpet as well as other décor from fading. Those unhealthy UV rays are blocked, protecting your skin from prolonged UV sun exposure while in your home. But, they don’t block the outside view from those who would like to see what is going on outdoors.

Most of the major brands manufacturer these window coverings. Among those who do provide these solar window shades are Bali, Graber, Comfortex, Levolor, and many others. Many of these shades and blinds can be custom made for your exact needs.

Options For Solar Window Shades

Since one of the primary purposes of solar window shades and blinds is to block sunlight, they are designed with different screen openness factors. These screen openness factors are from 3% to 14%, where the smaller the number is the less open the screen is. If you want maximum privacy, you need to choose a low factor number. The more you want the room to appear open, the higher the factor number you will want to go with. Keep in mind that the more you can see out, the more others can also see in. So pick these solar window blinds and shades with that in mind. To achieve a maximum privacy, make sure you go with an openness factor of 3% to 5%.

The modern solar window shade comes in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. Some of these patterns that are weaves even resemble various natural materials. Not only can you get a specific color, but if you like, you can even get stripped materials.

Additional options that are offered with these solar shades for windows include cordless shades and motorized solar shades. From a safety factor, if you have small children in your home, you may want to have one of these options. Dangling cords can be very dangerous for either kids or pets. What is nice about a cordless blind is the cleaner look it offers. The motorized shades provide you with the greatest of convenience. If you have windows that are harder to reach that is especially true.

Due to the mesh material that many of these solar window shades are made from, the outdoors’ heat is held out of the room. These blinds not only absorb much of this heat, but also reflect solar heat before it gets a chance to enter through the window. This can also cut down on your energy bill since the solar window blinds are more energy efficient. Not only will they hold the heat out during the hot summer months, but hold the wanted heat in, and keep the cold air out during the winter months.

Prefabricated Or Custom Solar Window Shades?

Not all windows are created equal. What I mean is, not every prefabricated blind will fit your windows perfectly. Although custom solar window shades are typically a little more in price, they are designed especially for your windows. Often times, the custom window shades will come in a much wider range of styles, colors as well as options. One great advantage of custom solar window coverings is the ability to more readily complement some of your home furnishings.

Solar shades may be preferred over solar window blinds primarily due to the fabrics that help reduce glare while maintaining an outside view. These shades often will provide a stylish way to maintain a comfortable atmosphere while meeting the latest trends. You will need to decide what is most important for your own unique needs when choosing the solar window shades and blinds that are best for your windows.